Business Headshot Tips for Everyone

Business Headshot Tips for Everyone

Wardrobe Tips for Corporate Headshots

When you have professional head shots taken, you must keep in mind that these are photos that you may have to look at for a very long time.

Your corporate headshot might be on your business card, posted on your company’s website and might be used on marketing literature and brochures that might be in use for several years. So how do you make sure you look your best?

What to Wear for Corporate Headshots – Men

For men, it’s often a no-brainer. A business suit is a good choice for a corporate headshot. If you want a more casual look, you can forgo the blazer and wear a white shirt with a tie. For blazers, grey or navies in solid colors are often a good choice for timeless portraits.

You don’t want clothing or hairstyles to look too trendy as it can date the photograph and many companies will expect the corporate headshot to last a long time for the investment they are about to make.If you are wearing a tie, try not to overdo it with the patterns. You can choose a simple pattern and a bright color if you like but avoid anything too over the top.

If you prefer not to wear a shirt and tie, your photo can still look nice and professional even in a nice collared golf shirt.

What to Wear for Business Headshots – Women

Wardrobe choices for business headshots can feel more complicated for women but choosing a classic business suit or simple blouse and skirt or pants is a great idea. Again, don’t wear anything too trendy and choose something that’s for fall or winter instead of summery for your headshot photography session.

Clothing Choices for Your Business Headshot Photography

When choosing your clothing for you business headshots avoid complex patterns like stripes or checks and opt for solid colors wherever possible. This will not only give the headshot a more classic look but will be more tolerable to look at in several years when styles and trends have changed.

Horizontal lines can be difficult to look at. Varying patterns on different articles of clothing can make for a disaster of a headshot. Vertical lines in clothes should be minimal but the presence of them can have a slimming effect.

The most important wardrobe tip for professional business headshots is to wear something you like, that makes you feel good! Feeling like you look good with nice clothes, a polished look and a warm smile will result not only in your enjoying the outcome of your headshot but also effectiveness in meeting your goals for it as well.

It’s supposed to make you look confident and professional so take the time to choose something professional and classic to help you achieve desired results in your photograph.

If you cannot decide for sure what to wear or even if you think you have made the right choice but want to be safe rather than sorry, bring two different changes of clothing to the photo shoot and ask the corporate photographer for advice.

Getting Ready for Business Headshots

Hair for Headshots

I don’t know how I can drive home the importance of your hair, Bad hair can ruin your whole shoot! Play it safe and go to the hairdresser right before the shoot. The headshot will last for at least a year, don’t be stuck with daggy hair. But… don’t style your hair in an unusual way, look like you normally do, maybe a bit neater for your headshot photo shoot.

Nails for Headshots

Please do not forget the importance of your hands in your portraits. Whether you choose to do your nails yourself or have them manicured, keep them clean and use coordinating colors. Photographs often show your feet as well.

Glasses for Headshots

If you wear glasses most of the time, you will want to wear them in your headshot photo. We can take photos with and without the glasses to give you more options.

Suntans for Headshots

Do not overdo the sun for a headshot photo. It looks great, but in moderation. Sunburn can be an expensive problem. It causes facial shine, red noses and cheeks, strap marks, hat lines and peeling, which are fixable but at an additional cost.

Some Other Do’s and Don’ts



1. Take two or three changes of clothing so you can experiment with contrasting colors before we begin. You only need the top half of the outfit for “head and shoulder” type headshots.

2. Ask me what color background we are using and what prime color would compliment it.

3. Tell me (before you arrive) the image you are trying to convey. What type business are you in? What is your corporate or business culture? Look at other photos of those in your company for samples to compare. If you are “not” a corporate type, let me know what type of look you want to portray. Maybe send me samples of stuff you like.

4. Dark clothes attract less attention and put the attention on your face and eyes.

5. Guys: if you have a heavy beard, shave right before arrival.

6. Guys: Bring something additional if you are adding a “casual” look (vs. just taking off a suit jacket and tie and trying to make your white shirt look casual.) Take along a button down, golf shirt, or something similar on a hanger so it is indeed “casual” but still fresh.

7. Be yourself! Well? Maybe tone it down a notch. LOL.

8. Brush your teeth before the shoot!


1. Don’t get a new haircut just before the shoot. Give it a week.

2. Don’t wear something that might “clash” with background (know background color in advance.)

3. Don’t wear white unless you wear it underneath something.

4. Don’t wear jewelry that would distract from your face or that looks dated.

5. Don’t overdress. Don’t wear “big” jewelry, big scarves, big hair.

6. Don’t wear loud stripes or checks. Avoid herringbone. No short sleeve shirts please.

7. Don’t wear a turtleneck (unless it is a very good look for you.) In general a v-neck style will be more attractive.

8. Don’t wear a jacket you cannot button, or you have to stretch to be able to button. It will not look good and you will not feel good about it. Bring something that fits properly.

9. Don’t over-do your makeup. And I don’t mean the “style” of your makeup, I mean in the thickness and amount of application on your skin.

10. Don’t be afraid to ASK me / CALL me about any of these BEFORE you arrive.