Portable backgrounds allow us to tailor your portraits to your branding and to have consistency each time we come out for ongoing staffing portraits. Here are our two favorite ways to provide a clean and consistant look to your headshots or staff photos.

Collapsible Backgrounds

(updated 8/2018)

These two-sided panels are a great option when you need a simple headshot and space is really a premium.

collapsible backdrop black white
collapsible backdrop dark light grey
collapsible backdrop indigo nights


Seemless paper has been a favorite of studio and portrait photographers for decades due to its ability to easily provide smooth, wrinkleless backgrounds in comparison to their cloth counterparts. The wide variety of color options adds to appeal of seamless paper as well as it’s non-reflective properties.


Papers marked with an asterisk (**) are currently available. Other colors shown here are availble but require an additional non-refundable fee of $50 applied to your session. If choosing from the other colors, please notify me of your preference at least 72 hours in advance to your session so that I can assure your paper selection is on-hand.

(actual color of background may be slightly different due to production or your screen)