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July 3, 2019

First… a little background. When I first began shooting professionally, Canon was my equipment of choice. I began to slowly amass cameras and lenses while trying to figure out what best suit my still-evolving style often by renting equipment to see which lenses I liked before I bought them. After a couple of years and […]

December 1, 2018

FILED IN: Wedding Tips

I love bridal shows. Heck, I still go once in a while just to get the free cupcakes (sorry bakers). It did make me think about how could I help couples navigate all their options and these tips even apply to searching online and gives you a good foothold on what to ask during in-person […]

June 3, 2018

FILED IN: Wedding Tips

One of my favorite moments as a wedding photographer is getting to witness the first dances. None are usually as emotional as the father and daughter dance and because of that, so much thought goes into picking the perfect song for that once in a lifetime moment. As a father of three daughters myself, I’m […]

July 3, 2017

FILED IN: Wedding Tips

Planning your wedding day is filled with everything from the really important decisions like which venue to have your reception at down to the smaller decisions like should Aunt Jenny really be at a table that close to the open bar. I get it, it’s really hard to figure it all out and sometimes it […]